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car audio system / car av system / car audio-video-navigation / smart phone link

carplay features siri voice control and is specially designed for driving scenarios. carplay also works with your car’s controls — knobs, buttons, touchpad, or touchscreen.


telematics service adds mobile communication module,and combines communication,information technology with in-vehicle equipment to realize vehicle terminal networking and support user various information service based on the developing in-vehicle infotainment system. foryou tsp service terminal connects with foryou tspservice platform through internet to support safe&aided driving and car vehicle information service system.

tsp telematics

kanzi enables the rapid design and development of user interfaces (uis) for the automotive industry and other embedded applications. kanzi ui design software provides designers with visual tools for creating high-fidelity branded uis. with its agile workflow and modular architecture kanzi accelerates ui design by allowing designers and engineers to work independently and in parallel without disruptions.

user interface design software

adjusts the sound field in car to satisfy client's high experience requirements. advantage for src digital audio effect; uses a normal loudspeaker and existing audio source to realize bass boost,sound field ascension and virtual surround.

src audio processing technic

bass boost / sound field ascension / virtual surround

foryou designs different configurations based on client's need.our products support built-in 3g/4g communication module,high-performance vehicle battery and beidou/gps dual-mode gps module besides combined with tsp backgroup,the products realize vehicle positioning,vehicle condition query,vehicle control,diagnostic alarm,e-call,voice call,maintenance alert,communication and other functions.


gesture recognition——put hand near unit's infrared sensor and wave up-down to autopager or options

near object recognition——put hand near unit's infrared sensor and the buttons would turn red

gesture recognition

inertial navigation is a reckoning navigation system. it can navigate based on the speed and the corner information. it helps the driver to drive normally in the city center and the overpass where the signal of the gps is not stable. foryou has the complete calculation; inspection; validation methods to ensure meeting the needs for the market.

inertial navigation